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HA's Mexican

Situated in the heart of Kent, with a history and passion of cooking fresh healthy food, HA's Mexican provides an evening delivery and collection service from our professional kitchen on the Ellingham Industrial Centre.

Our aim is to be as environmentaly freiendly as possible.

We use biodegradable packaging for our products, and recycle all of our waste packaging. We believe every little helps, and unless we do out bit, our childrens future will be bleak.

If you need any empty mayonnaise tubs or large baked bean tins, please ask!

Order Collection

After you place your order, come to the kitchen at your alloted time.

Text us your order number followed by 'outsite' and we'll bring the food out to your car! (eg. "58 outside")

If you can't text, toot your horn or ring the bell.

Our mobile number is +447910169327